About Us

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

POW Nottingham Ltd is a non-profit, voluntary organisation supporting the rights of sex workers and those at risk of being exploited. POW recognises and supports the rights of individual sex workers to self determination. This includes the right to remain in sex work or leave sex work. POW aims to empower our diverse community focusing on ending violence and stigma through education, advocacy and peer support.


POW Nottingham Ltd aims to preserve and protect good health within the sex worker community whilst ensuring appropriate services are accessible to the group served.

The service provides a diverse range of health and wellbeing services via drop-in and outreach provision to those involved in, wishing to exit or at risk of becoming involved in sex work. The service provide satellite clinics for sexual health and drug misuse, condoms and sexual health information and facilitates attendance at health appointments in addition to delivering outreach sessions. POW Nottingham also seeks to affect larger societal change through advocacy and training, increasing public awareness and providing the tools needed to engage the local and national communities around issues of sex work and sexual exploitation.


Meet the Team

POW employs ten core members of staff who are invaluably supported by our volunteers. All members of staff are experienced and fully trained to offer support to clients and provide outreach services.  Volunteers are also fully trained to meet their responsibilities. Come down and see us any time.

Daniela Scotece Chief Executive Officer Daniela@pow-advice.co.uk
Victoria Mayfield Service Delivery Manager Victoria@pow-advice.co.uk
Michelle Brown Office Manager Michelle@pow-advice.co.uk
Nina Sekula Senior Support Worker Nina@pow-advice.co.uk
Chantelle Foster Project Support Worker Chantelle@pow-advice.co.uk
Sarah McHugh Project Support Worker Sarah@pow-advice.co.uk
Dionne Mundle Young Person’s Outreach Worker Dionne@pow-advice.co.uk
Lucy Binch Migrant Outreach Worker Lucy@pow-advice.co.uk
Diana Blaj Migrant Outreach Worker Diana@pow-advice.co.uk
Rebekah Pavier Welfare Debt Adviser Rebekah@pow-advice.co.uk

Our Partners

POW has established a number of formal and informal pathways for clients. We work in partnership with a number of support agencies including:

Department of GU medicine, Rape Crisis, Women’s Aid, Criminal Justice Intervention Team, Nottingham Crime & Drug Partnership, Homeless Health Team, Family Intervention Project, Nottinghamshire Probation Trust, Nottingham Drug & Alcohol Team, Nottinghamshire Police, University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

This list is not exhaustive as POW works closely with a number of other agencies. This multifaceted approach matches the complex needs of our clients.