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BBC Interview   Daniela’s Interview with BBC Nottingham Listen Download


                            Human rights are not for sale: Debating women’s rights and sex work March 19th 2014

                            Just Giving Fundraising and Donations

                           Postgraduate Bi-annual Sex Work Conference 16 January 2014

                           Advertisement in It’s Women’s Business Magazine Winter 2013/2014


                          Tweet about Daniela Scotece of POW Nottingham November 2013

                          “12 People Believed Me” Event Friday 19th November 2013

                          Daniela Scotece Speaking at an Event on behalf of POW Nov 2013

                          Women involved in prostitution

                          Article on the Nottingham Post regarding prostitution July 16th 2013

                          Hello I’m Here book release 2013

2012 and Previous years

                        Nottingham Community Protection Article 26th June 2012

                        Article about Hello I’m Here 3rd December 2012

                        POW Successful Applicants of the Chetwode Foundation

                        Article on the Nottingham Post about Supporting not judging prostitutes 1st March 2010

                        An article in the Guardian about POW’s Street Credibility 12th December 2007

General Resources

Health and Wellbeing

                                   Vents du sud

                                   Vientos del sur

                                   Healthy Lives, Healthy People

                                   Protecting the health of sex workers

                                   ‘Measuring Well-being’ a guide for practitioners

                                   Our Lives Matter: Sex Workers Unite for Health and Rights

                                   Street Sex Workers’ experience of Accessing Health Services

                                   Current Sexual Health Service Needs of Sex Workers & Good Practice

                                   Move Forward – First Results of the Move Forward Project on Career Opportunities for Sex Workers – SOA Aids Netherlands

                                   UKNSWP Briefing Paper for Department of Health, Sexual Health Team September 2009: Current Sexual Health Service Needs of Sex Workers & Good Practice


                                 New ACPO Strategy

                                 Lancashire Prostitution Strategy

                                 Members Letter to MP Template

                                 Policing and Crime Act 2009 CHAPTER 26

                                 RCGP Social Inclusion Commissioning Guide

                                 Arrest the Violence (Swan Report Nov. 2009)

                                 Updated briefing on the Policing and Crime Bill

                                 Closure Orders Home Office Statutory Guidance


                                 Engagement and Support Orders Statutory Guidance 1

                                 Engagement and Support Orders Statutory Guidance 2

                                 Home Office Review of Effective Practice in Responding to Prostitution


                                Newsletter – Dec 2008

                                Project Report Positive Action

                                Setting the Record – Project ACUMEN

                                UKNSWP Response to Paying the Price

                                Media Reporting on Review of Demand

                                Tackling the Demand for Prostitution – Report

                                Tackling the Demand for Prostitution – Response

                                SWIP – Sex Workers in Prison July 2008 Newsletter

                                NEW BOOK PUBLISHED ON SEX WORK & VIOLENCE IN BRITAIN

                                A Round Up of Some Recent Books on Prostitution and Sex Work

                                UKNSWP Submission To: “Home Office Review Of Local Effective Practice”

                                Human Rights, Sex Work and the Challenge of Trafficking x: talk report 2010

                                Holding the UK Government Accountable for its Commitments on HIV, Human Rights & Vulnerable Groups

                                RIGHTS NOT RESCUE A Report on Female, Male, and Trans Sex Workers’ Human Rights in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa

                               UKNSWP RESPONSE TO: “Consultation on Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Further Provisions and Support for Victims) Bill”

Academic Research

                               ESRC Sex Industry Findings

                               Home Office: Shifting Sands

                               Workers in Prison Evaluation

                               Home Office Research Report 27

                               Indoor Sex Work (Austre Regards)

                               Academic Response to Big Brothel

                               Rape: The Victim Experience Review

                               Street sex workers in Preston: An evidence – based study

                               Estimating the size of the sex worker population in Britain

                               New research published on Migrants in the UK Sex Industry

                               New research published on Migrants in the UK Sex Industry News

                               Pathways through Sex Work: Childhood Experiences and Adult Identities